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Off-Site Catering Events:

As the premier off-premise catering company, Cipriani On Location has fostered affiliations with countless venues varying in style, size, and location, such as the New York Public Library, the Prince George Ballroom, and the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.  With locations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Rest of New York City, along with The Greater New York Metropolitan Area including Westchester and New Jersey, Cipriani On Location is ready to serve as your personal caterer no matter where the place may be. 

Corporate Catering:      


Developing long lasting relationships with our customers is our top priority.  As a luxury catering company, we strive to make your events something that not only you are satisfied with, but something that will be an unforgettable experience for all those who attended as well.  Our team of event professionals works with each and every company closely, despite how big or small, in order to endorse longevity and success for the future.  Whether it be the biggest meeting of the year, or simply just a Monday morning conference, Cipriani On Location will be there to create a memorable moment where colleagues and clients are treated like royalty. 



Participating with non-profit organizations is what makes us Cipriani On Location.  Our team takes on the cause of each non-profit organization and makes it their own, working even harder than they normally would to make sure everyone is satisfied.  Our main goal is for you to focus on your mission, so if there is something we can do to make that goal easier to achieve, we are here to do it! 



Occasions like birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, confirmations and other religious events, weddings, and more are what keep life interesting.  As a luxury catering company, Cipriani On Location takes on the most challenging of events, stemming from small intimate gatherings to large elaborate affairs.  No matter the celebration, we are here to make sure that it exceeds all of your expectations, satisfying not only you, the host, your guests, and everyone else involved. 


Event Management:

Developing large-scale events like conventions or ceremonies requires a large team.  Our team at Cipriani On Location is comprised of our most trustworthy staff, with premier experience and world-class training in the catering industry.  When it comes to managing your event, we will be there to make sure that your company receives the required exposure it deserves while building a positive image for it as well.  We are here to make sure that everything runs smoothly, so that all of the pressure is taken away from you. 

Relying on a company that you can trust is the foundation of any business relationship.  Long lasting relationships are extremely important to us, as we intend to use our company to produce exceptional results throughout the course of our future.  With your collaboration, Cipriani On Location, as the premier off-premise catering company, is ready to function as your helping hand throughout any event that may come your way in the future. 

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